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Took a few days off writing on my blog. Just to enjoy the holidays. But reading a post from Seth Godin inspired me to pick up writing earlier than planned. Kicking off the next year writing instead of starting writing again in 2021. A minor difference but important to me.

Few days late to the party but moOde audio v7 (v7.0.1 to be exact) is available. Very solid upgrade, looking forward to using the 12-band Parametric EQ.

It’s quite a different Christmas this year, but me and my girlfriend are fortunate to be both in good health and able to just enjoy these days together.

Finally a Brexit-deal. We will need to see how this will work in practice, but I guess it’s good that it’s done.

As the year is ending things normally wind down at work. A good time to pick up the last remaining tasks and chores just finishing the year with a clean slate. This year is not so different except in two important ways. There are many loose ends all taking way more time than I …

Getting around to finish my photography portfolio site. I am happy with the move to Adobe Portfolio, it’s free (with a creative cloud subscription) and syncs with Lightroom. Although the selection of images is still a bit messy as I did have sync issues to resolve.

Great interview with Art Adams from Arri talking about cinema lenses. I’m not shopping for >$25k Arri Signature prime lenses, but there is a ton of information about the general challenges when designing lenses and how to overcome them (which also applies to …

Had some sync errors with Lightroom tonight, spend most of the evening solving 9 errors. It turned out that there was an issue with the metadata and you should fix errors with syncing paused. Gladly it’s resolved. Editing has to wait until tomorrow.

11:02 AM this morning marked the start of the winter. And as much as I believe each season has its beauty, I am looking forward to having a bit more daylight.

Today marks my 50th-day streak. The process of blogging every day has been a great experience so far. I do not feel limited by the subject of my writing anymore. My blog has turned into a public diary, but I am ok with that.

Finally got around to decorating the house a bit for Christmas. As every year, it’s something that gets postponed to the last few days before the actual holiday starts. We do keep things quite minimal, but still, it brightens up the house.

Yesterday I splurged a little on a warm mid-layer for my winter hiking trip1. Usually, I would pack a super light fleece, but that won’t cut it in winter conditions. Got the Fjallraven Keb Fleece Hoodie. Expensive -even with a discount- but the quality is excellent. The …

Day three of the more stringent lockdown in The Netherlands. With the holiday season around the corner, we could have been in a much better position. I expect the start of 2021 to still be rough. Fortunately we are moving nearer to the end of it all.

Today I installed Solarized as a theme for Obsidian. All instances switched automatically as they are setup to pull the Github repository which includes the notes as well as the Obsidian setting files. Sometimes small things can make your day.

2020-12-15: Obsidian with automatic GitHub syncing
Some updates running Obsidian with automatic GitHub syncing. I ditched my homegrown solution1 for the Obsidian Git plugin. Both approaches are based on this article by Bryan Jenks. Using the plugin I got everything running on all my systems in a few minutes spend on each one. On …

After a day off I’m back in my home office. The Obsidian Github sync works like a charm. All notes, todo’s are in perfect sync and stored at Github. Also found a community plugin which makes the whole process, even more, user-friendly. Tonight adding my RPi NAS and …

Setup syncing between Obsidian and a private Github repository (automatically, as Logseq is offering). I Will have to test this some more but it could replace Resilio sync. Resilio works flawlessly but is lacking any history/version control which would be nice.

Breaking a habit is tough. The mind plays tricks and tells us “It’s not hard to quite/change/start so I’ll do it tomorrow”. And before you know it, tomorrow turns into next week moving your intentions closer towards “someday, maybe”. If you …

Quick edit of one of the shots from today. Being able to edit a photo on the go is still a huge benefit of Lightroom.

Today was very misty outside, not the greatest weather to be outdoors for photography. Still enjoyed every minute. Tomorrow night there is a unique rain of stars expected. Fingers crossed that the weather clears.

Finishing up some work and getting ready to go out this weekend for some photography. The bag is packed just waiting for the last batteries which are in the charger. Looking forward to it. Also good to have some new photos as I am evaluating my post-processing software and …

Read a concerning post from Doc Searls titled is Flickr in trouble again. Last time Doc wrote such a post Flickr was indeed in trouble. Luckily the CEO of SmugMug (Don MacAskil) responded promptly that there’s nothing to worry just a minor hiccup while moving payment …

I’m rewatching Mr. Robot (except the last season which is new to me). Normally I’m not huge on rewatching shows but the dark storyline, accurate tech representation, and acting make this show great. Also picking up new details and hidden clues, attention to detail is …

In light of last night’s post some historic news. Mount Everest is 86 cm higher than believed since last measured in 1847. The highest point in the world is now officially 8848,86 cm (29,031 feet) tall. Ending controversy between Nepal and China on the hight of the …

Just saw the most remarkable documentary last night. It’s about a trek to Everest Basecamp. But what’s unique is that the maker (Nathaniel James Menninger, 26 year old privileged American) is following in the footsteps of the Himalaya Porters. Quite literally, as he …

Planning a winter hiking trip early next year. No idea if possible at all. It all depends on how the situation will unfold. Still, half the fun is in planning. Getting outside training is getting more challenging since it’s gradually getting colder so having a goal helps.

Most Sunday’s I start with checking and updating my finances and budget. No surprises, everything is going as expected which is nice. I like this recurring process, helps to give me a bit more peace of mind.

As I have a fairly decent headphone setup for some time now. I decided to do a double-blind test1 between lossy and lossless music streams. Picked the quick 5 samples test (5 songs, 5 tests per song). The outcome? Got 74% right (statistically valid) so potentially I should be …

2020-12-04: Solid
For some time I’ve been following the Solid project by Tim Berners-Lee. This November his startup launched the Solid privacy platform. Enabling organizations to build applications on the principle that the user owns and controls their data. The core idea is that the data …

Today I received the Wacom Intuos Pro Medium. First impressions are very good, as expected. It will take a bit more time to get used to the large surface area (vs the small size Wacom tablet I used before). The one thing that bugs me is that Adobe Lightroom Classic and Windows 10 …

1Password is acting strange every since I’ve installed Big Sur. Somehow the browser plugin isn’t working. First I thought the issue was with Safari but also Firefox has the same issue. Need to look in to this more later today.

For our peace of mind, a few months ago we installed a burglar alarm. Out of nowhere, the alarm went off last night. The tampering/jamming checks got triggered by an outage at our internet provider. Quite a rude awakening but luckily nothing serious.

The Wacom Bamboo Pen and Touch (CTT-460 to be specific) is over 11 years old. Still working (although on Big Sur the hack to load the old drivers no longer works). Besides that, the only problem in 11 years is losing (and rediscovering) the pen so many times I have lost count.

I don’t like Black Friday/Cyber Monday craze. Still, I found a good deal for one wishlist item. The Wacom Intuos Pro M will replace my trusty Wacom Bamboo for photo editing. If only lasting half as long I have my money’s worth. Kinda funny I ordered exactly at 00:00 …

As Microblogvember 2020 has ended, I’m looking forward to a new blogging challenge to continue with daily-blogging. Starting at a streak of 30 days I will take on the #100daystooffload challenge. My goal? Writing at least one short (280 char) post for 100 consecutive days.

Today marks the last Microblogvember day. One last post where I include a daily prompt word into 280 characters and hit publish. The last month helped me to reinforce a habit of daily writing. Thanks to all who participated, I enjoyed your daily updates. This was a blast!

We are all forced to adapt to live quite pedestrian lives. While the quantity of social interaction dropped, for me the quality has risen. I cherish every time I’m able to see friends and family. And that’s a positive in my book.

The case is awesome BTW. It’s an Akasa Gem Pro, machined from aluminium and completely passively cooled. Still keeps the RPi 4, 4gb only at ~36° Celsius (96,8 Fahrenheit).

It’s running!

A Raspberry Pi project is a bit like getting your first tattoo. Once you have one you keep getting more and more. I don’t have any tattoos myself but the ever increasing number of Pi project is proving my point. Today I’m building an audio player/streamer. Edit: Done

Often people try to mask their intentions with words. But in the end actions or lack thereof always reveal the true story. Last week we saw a prime example of this behavior. With a political implosion as a result.

These days, a relatively modest investment can buy amazing audio quality. One dilemma is sending music to the DAC/AMP (now directly connected to the PC). With a bit of tinkering and a Raspberry Pi this should be solvable. Should look into this some more, looks like a fun project …

Ever since Spotify launched in The Netherlands I have been a subscriber (even before the official launch… but let’s not tell Spotify). But now music discovery and keeping everything organized is getting harder by the day. These issues small and not real dealbreakers, …

A daily writing habit never stuck. Is this topic interesting and my writing good enough? The one thing the Mbnov challenge showed me is to adjust this mindset. Not every post has to be insightful, long, and articulated. Just, write. Tomorrow offers a new opportunity to do it even …

Working from my home office, most of the day is spend on Teams video conferencing. After quite some time, I’m now pretty used to looking at a screen while discussing stuff. But for a one-on-one conversation, it’s still not as convenient as the good old telephone call …

2020-11-25: 82.3 Kb
Fiddled a bit more with optimization of the website. As the website is hosted by I a little limited on what is possible. But still the result is quite good: Scaled and compressed all images, resizing and reuploading isn’t the most inspiering to do, but still it …

I got triggered by a post from Ton Zijlstra about the 512k club. With two quick changes to my website I reduced the uncompressed size from 3,3Mb to 141Kb. Mainly resizing a image and not embedding YouTube. Still some other small optimizations I will do tonight (getting …

The provision to focus on important topics vs seemingly urgent random stuff requires me to look ahead. 4 PM each day I draft my todo-list for the next day. This single action results in two things: a todo list for tomorrow and a clear picture of what still needs to be done today

After 16 years my trusty Sennheiser HD-25 headphones broke. Nothing that can not be fixed with some DIY maintenance. I the meantime this provides an opportunity to tryout a new set of headphones with a different sound signature. Picked up the Beyerdynamic 770 Pro, quite excited.

Capture a thought, even if it’s only a short message, by writing every day. I realize that it’s not so much what I write. It’s about how it helps me to reflect on the day.

For the second time this year, the youth department of a right-wing political party in The Netherlands crossed a border. Sharing anti-Semitic expressions on WhatsApp and Instagram. Unbelievable, but you get what you sow. Throwing out whistleblowers, letting offenders stay.

Exactly one month from now before it will be officially winter. That means one month of autumn left. Didn’t really get outside that often with my camera during this beatiful time of year. But still 31 days to make it up and enjoy the fall colors.

Why does Spotify think it’s a good idea to auto-start the app? Didn’t set it up to do so and it’s not in the OSx login options. Disable auto starting is kindly hidden by Spotify in it’s own menu. Burried in the “advanced” section. Bugs me …

Staying within the theme, one of those old gems for me is “Mazzy Star - Fade into you”1 External link to YouTube [return]

Being at home more re-sparked my passion for music. It’s kinda liberating to kick back with a glass of wine. Hit play and enjoy an evening listening to new music and rediscovering old gems. If things return to normal this, I hope, will not fade away.

Today marks my anniversary (based on my initial post). The first project I’ve backed on Kickstarter. It has been a great three years in this awesome community. Less focus on fiddling with templates and code, more attention to the writing part.

I’m switching note-taking setup. I’d used a combination of DevonThink, Apple Notes, and Notion. Now moving everything to Obsidian. Various buckets didn’t work out for me. Moving is a challenge, but it should be possible and will help bring much-needed structure.

The word dependence often has a negative connotation to it. For me, it also signals something positive more in line with “reliance”. It’s good to be independent. As long as you keep in mind that sometimes you need the help of others, as others might someday need …

It’s been years since I’ve boarded a train as part of my daily commute. While not always a pleasure, the sound of the wheels on the tracks made me feel relaxed. I still plan on taking the train to somewhere in Scandinavia. Don’t know why but seems like such a …

In the last few days, I was quite ill. It has been some years ago since I was feeling so unwell, but still, the memory of it came back like it was yesterday. Now I am starting to feel better, so lucky the last couple of days will also become a distant memory again.

Half way mark. Never expected to come this far with a daily blogging routine. Great to take part in the Microblogvember

I’m experimenting with a standard black&white setting for my trusty Olympus E-M5. SOOC, JPEG with no settings to fuss over. Keeps things easy on my morning walk. I do like the dark crushed look, give images an eerie and spooky look.

I thought about switching to Linux on my ageing MacBook Pro (2015). But decided to wait for Big Sur and do a clean install. First impressions are quite good. I like the interface update and the performance seems also good (while the Spotlight indexing is running).

Finalising some todo’s for work while my trusty MacBook pro 2015 is doing a clean Big Sur install. Doing a wipe and clean install was particularly easy as I have a full and Time Machine backup on my Raspberry Pi home NAS. Definitely a project I should have done earlier.

Yesterday I presented for a bigger audience while sitting in my home office. It’s a bit of a guess if the message is coming across with only the blue webcam light staring at you. Definitely, an intriguing and fun experience while also being a little awkward.

Repeatedly I am tempted to upgrade to the latest and greatest. Often an upgrade matters very little. Don’t let anyone tell you, you should, no, need to upgrade. And while it may start to show wear, there is a real value in knowing you’re tools inside out. This only …

Sometimes it’s hard to express what you think. Difficult to say what’s on your mind. Impossible to put words in writing. But if the past teaches us one thing it’s that this is the time when you should speak up.

Apple reached a new level with the event today. The new M1 chip seems to be quite something based on the announcement. But I’m referring especially to the production of the whole event, extremely well done.

Yesterday I watched an interview. The subject was a person of respectable age who spoke about life and death. His rationale behind his choices and bravery made a lasting impact. We have so much we can learn from the elderly.

Today didn’t start well. I had to force myself to finish the task at hand. When it’s not easy to reach a goal the only option is to give it your best and soldier on. Somedays, you will look back and think; actually, this was a good day. Today was such a day for me.

America has chosen its 46th president. In many ways, a historic outcome of an “interesting” electoral process to say the least. I do hope Biden can bring the country together. Bind Americans to a common purpose facing current health and economic challenges.

Weekend is here, finally time for some tinkering with the Mazda Mx-5 10th anniversary. Wash and clean, check the oil levels, inflate the tires. After a small fix to the center console hinge I am taking it for a spin. Nothing better than driving open-top on a beautiful autumn day!

I do think that it’s good that social media companies take responsibility. They are in charge of what they allow on their platform. The freedom to express your opinion doesn’t mandate others to enable you to do this. The problem I see is that we grew dependent on …

Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are all limiting the spread of miss-information. And if the presidential elections show us one thing, it is how fast a thought spreads on social media regardless if it’s factual at all. But it’s puzzling me if we are treading in the right …

Under the pale light reflecting of the moon the lonely man in the streets tends to stoop when he walks. Facing the wind and rain, from nowhere to his destination. the last post didn’t include the exact Microblogvember word, so here is a second attempt.

“Keep your head up high” when things get tough. But sometimes it’s better keeping stooped down. Don’t face adverse circumstances head-on. Don’t look at how little you have progressed or how far you still need to go. Keep plowing on, one step at a …

Extra measures will be in effect today at 10 PM to limit the spread of COVID in our country. I do wonder if we are getting closer to the end or still only near the beginning. But this open-ended crisis forces every country in a constant balancing act so much is clear.

Only looking at the millions of dollars spent on Facebook this year by both the republicans and democrats, the scale of the Presidential elections of the United States of America never fails to astonish me. November 3 will be a decisive moment for the political future of the USA.

Currently reading: The age of surveillance capitalism by Shoshana Zuboff 📚

Again a dramatic day in Europe, thoughts go out to the people of Vienna.

November, Autumn season. The transition from summer to winter is my favorite time of year. The vibrant fall colours are great for landscape photography and I enjoy my early morning walks even on cold and rainy days. Getting outside helps me concentrate, think and focus.

For quite some time I was thinking about writing more often, so Microblogvember 2020 came at a great time. It will also help with some of the more dreary days during this strange times. Looking forward to the challenge.

Moved some domains to Cloudflare Domain Registar (currently in early access). Migration went smooth and Cloudflare’s policy on pricing is great. “We promise to never charge you anything more than the wholesale price each TLD charges.” … While Cloudflare …

2018-11-25: How to batch export from Ulysses to plain Markdown
This is a small guide to help moving files from Ulysses native file format (.ulysses files) to plain Markdown. Having your writing in plain Markdown is necessary when you want to move to a different writing app or just for backup purposes1. This guide works for files without …

Got my photoblog maintainingfocus running on @blot, so far so good (after straightening out some DNS issues). Although cross-posting images isn’t working at the moment, will have to look in to this tomorrow.

After seeing quite a few people posting about Blot, I took the plunge and will be trying it for my photography blog.

A good leader show which road to travel, a great leader helps others to see the road they want to travel on.

2018-11-22: The beauty within
I like words. I like plain and simple thoughts and stories written down. For as long as the internet existed it has been a great place to read and write. But while the web has been ever increasingly gaining advancements in design and complexity, I value… no, I crave, …

2018-11-21: ∞ Sorry Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook isn’t a “positive force”
In a Tuesday interview with CNN, Mark Zuckerberg defended Facebook’s handling of recent scandals and his own leadership of the company. He flatly rejected calls to give up his position as the chairman of Facebook’s board and said he had no plans to fire his top …

Dark mode support for the Marfa theme done! You can take a look using Safari Technology Preview 68 with Dark mode enabled in OSx. Marfa theme wil switch dark/light depending on your system prefs.

Working on enabling Safari dark mode support on the Marfa theme, almost done: P.s. I will write a micro guide, but a word of warning: it will require quite some tinkering for themes besides Marfa.

2018-11-19: ∞ Computers have learned to make us jump through hoops
The other day I had to log in to a service I hadn’t used before. Since I was a new user, the website decided that it needed to check that I wasn’t a robot and so set me a Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart). This is a …

2018-11-18: ∞ To www or not to www
For 20 years or so, there has been the debate over whether you should use www or not in your web site’s canonical hostname. So should you use www or not? If you’re concerned about the security of whatever you have on “”, make sure you slap a “www”- in front of it. If …

2018-11-18: Micro guide: Getting your hosted Microblog IPv6 ready
This is a small guide (hence the category “micro guide”) to enable IPv61 for your hosted microblog2. disclaimer: please make sure that you know what you are doing with your DNS settings. Although it isn’t really difficult or complex you can really mess up access …

Had some problems with my two year old iPhone SE, bought it in for a battery replacement today (after all it is discounted until end of the year) but to my surprise the repair is on Apple. These small things really make you feel like a valued customer.

2018-11-17: Creative commons licence
Redid the footer of my website and am quite happy with the result. Also moved to a creative commons licence for my content (the “Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)” to be precise) which gives everyone the freedom to remix, reuse and build upon the …

Finally had some time to dust off my hosted sites ( @manton thanks for solving a HTTPS issue almost immediately!). Also looking in to the new Mastodon feature. Anyone recommendations for a username (@[email protected] seems a bit strange to me)

Quite the announcements at WWDC from Apple regarding data and privacy. Social media companies and Adtech in general will be facing quite a massive drop in data when iOS 12 and MacOS Mojave are released.

Instapaper has temporary shut down for EU residents. I’m not sure if they struggled to finishing up for the GDPR on time or they have some bigger issues getting compliant. Gladly they have enabled an export function (should you decide to migrate to a different service).

Row Log Update 🚣‍♂️ Calendar Week: 19 Workout: 7,034 meters /500m: 2:07 Total Meters This Week: 7,034 Season: 34,648 Goal: row a full marathon Notes Just a basic row to get some meters on the erg.

Row Log Update 🚣‍♂️ Calendar Week: 18 Workout: 6.855 meters /500m: 2:11 Total Meters This Week: 27.614 Season: 27.614 Goal: row a full marathon Notes Steady pace with 10 power strokes every 500m

Row Log Update 🚣‍♂️ Calendar Week: 18 6,434 m (+ 2,219 m cooling down) Total Meters This Week: 20.735 Season 2018: 20.735 Current goal: row a full marathon Notes Interval: 2000m 1500m 1000m 500m at 2:00 target. Did experiment with different stroke rates

2018-05-09: Facebook accused of extremists to one another through ‘suggested friends’ feature (The Telegraph)
Using sophisticated algorithms, Facebook is designed to connect people who share common interests. “Facebook, in their desire to connect as many people as possible have inadvertently created a system which helps connect extremists and terrorists.” The Telegraph article1. …

Row Log Update 🚣‍♂️ Calendar Week: 18 Total Meters This Week: 12.082 Season 2018: 12.082 Current goal: row a full marathon Notes Upping the /500 split pace (while reducing meters), did relative flat splits mostly between 2:02 and 2:04

For the new indoor rowing season1 I decided to start posting my training progress. To keep accountable but also to have a place for written notes on training. So as of today you will see more updates on my progress. 🚣‍♂️ The Concept 2 2018 season started 1 May 2018 [return]

Row Log Update 🚣‍♂️ Calendar Week: 18 - start of new Concept 2 season 1 May Workout: 7.076 meters /500m: 2:07.1 Total Meters This Week: 7.076 Season 2018: 7.076 Current season goal: row a full marathon Notes Split the training in 12,5 min moderate, 5 min easy, 12,5 min moderate.

2018-05-03: How very social
Samsung Smart TV. During the first minute after power-on, the TV talks to Google Play, Double Click, Netflix, FandangoNOW, Spotify, CBS, MSNBC, NFL, Deezer, and Facebook­ even though we did not sign in or create accounts with any of them. Now you know why your TV keeps bugging …

2018-05-03: Who’s next?
Step 1: get dating apps to build themselves on your platform’s data Step 2: cut them off from your platform’s data with no warning Step 3: build a competitor to dating apps with the data you are now keeping to yourself Seems kinda antitrust-ish… John Kneeland via Daring …

Looking in to switching (back) to Linux. It would be fine (or better) for 90% of my current laptop usage. Although I am still hestitant because I’m quite tied in to Apples Ecosystem at the moment and am still looking for good alternatives for specific software

2018-05-02: Disruptive vs Sustaining innovation and the Tesla case
I always enjoy Ben en James talking business strategy in their Exponent podcast (Ben Thompson from Stratechery with co-host James Allworth). Their last podcast about Zillow (#149 - Zillow and Sustaining Aggregation) has a specific part really standing out. At 14:14 minutes in, …

Just finished moving some old photos from instagram to my dedicated photo-micro-blog Done for today, moving content to my own space on the web.

By the way, here is an important lesson about delegation: remember that everyone else is also most productive when they’re doing what they like, and do what you’d want other people to do for you—try to figure out who likes (and is good at) doing what, and delegate that way. ∞ …

Challenge accepted

The joys of technology: That moment when your TV asks you for GDPR consent.

2018-04-25: On turning off unnecessary notifications
turn off all lock screen notifications (this is better for privacy anyway) turn off vibrate and sound notifications, I leave badges for important things like messaging apps turn off notifications for apps that really don’t need it Nathan Toups makes a case for a dumber phone …

2018-04-25: This will be interesting..
WhatsApp will require users in Europe to be at least 16 years old I can imagine many reasons why the age limit would need to be increased under more strict European privacy law, none of them any good for something so fundamental as a messaging app. just a recommendation: Signal …

1Blocker will be releasing a new version called 1Blocker X on 26 April, pre-order now available. I have no doubt it will be even better than the original (now called 1Blocker Legacy), so I’m in.

Unread will no longer show “Untitled” or placeholder text from syncing services when displaying posts without titles… Less is more Source:

2018-04-23: ∞ Collected Goodness Good material. Good art. Good living.
Collected by Drew Coffman Very interesting and inspiring stuff, will need to look in to it more but the first recommended reads/listens seem very worthwhile. I also like the format a lot, it strikes a balance between linking to interesting content supplemented with …

Unlock the Night Owl pin, time to sign off

2018-04-18: Scaling is hard
Most of the design tolerances of the Model 3 are already better than any other car in the world. Soon, they will all be better. This is not enough. We will keep going until the Model 3 build precision is a factor of ten better than any other car in the world. I am not kidding. …

Far more than 87 million people may have had their Facebook data harvested by Cambridge Analytica No surprises here, but I am still curious what the final number will be. Place your bets…

Today I’ve switched RSS service. After Greader, quite some time long self-hosted (Fever 1) using minimalreader.com2. Today I settled on Feedbin, good web interface, support for third party apps/syncing and a clear business model. not in active development [return] …

2018-04-17: ∞ It’s all about perspective
Mobile apps are still often lacking in efficiency, Apple’s Smart Keyboard is mediocre and reaching up to touch the screen is far less comfortable and efficient than using a mouse. The whole article feels a bit shortsighted and only focussing on comparing the …

2018-04-16: Micro guide: Additional steps and recommendations when using Cloudflare for your DNS
Cloudflare users wanting to use a custom domain name for their hosted will be greeted by a “custom domain isn't pointing to the" error message when trying to save the custom domain. Luckily there is a work around: How to get your custom domain working …

2018-04-16: Micro Guides: small articles which can be of great help
Yesterday I had the opportunity to help someone from the community by writing a tiny post. This sparked an idea: Micro guides, small articles about any subject you think could be of help or interest to the Microblogging community (for instance on writing, podcasting1, …

2018-04-15: Micro Guide: Changing the default colors of the Marfa theme
I switched my theme for this microblog to Marfa. Marfa is a new theme for hosted websites. I really like the theme but wanted to give it a small personal touch by changing the default color for links. Changing the defaults (light red/pink-ish) is quite easy. Using the …

Microcasting (short form podcasting) comes to Welcome Wavelength. What a great addition to and the Indieweb!

2018-04-12: The Irony
Mark Zuckerberg left some of his notes on the table during a break in his testimony before Congress yesterday. It caught the attention of a press photographer who shared a photo of the document on social media. I guess Mark learned an important lesson: never to leave your notes …

2018-04-11: Do I really need to switch Text Editors?
Questioning if I really need to look in to switching Text editors I almost discarding the pick for the best Text Editor over at The Sweet Setup. Although after quickly skimming the article, some part did caught my attention. Atom, being open source, has an advantage here …

Benedict Evans in his article “The death of the newsfeed” very clearly provides insight on why big tech companies are forced to a more algorithmic world, inadvertently forcing them between a rock and a hard place. I couldn’t agree more to all Benedict states in …

The battery of my Apple Watch(v1) really starts showing it’s age. After being on my wrist daily for years, I don’t know if I will get another one… Having a completely muted iPhone is great but wrist based notification are still a major distraction during one-on-one …

2018-04-09: ∞ Obscure E-Mail Vulnerability
This vulnerability is a result of an interaction between two different ways of handling e-mail addresses. Gmail ignores dots … Netflix doesn’t ignore dots. It’s an example of two systems without a security vulnerability coming together to create a security …

After writing another post on Facebook and the recent privacy scandals I deleted it all; because it’s not about Facebook at all. It’s about alternatives (preferably which can not be “acquired”, but this is a topic for a different post) and this is exactly …

2018-04-04: ∞ Facebook Sharply Increases Estimate of How Many Users’ Information Was Harvested By Cambridge Analytica
Facebook on Wednesday said the personal information of up to 87 million people, most of them Americans, may have been improperly shared during the 2016 election with Cambridge Analytica, a political consulting firm connected to President Trump. nytimes I won’t be the least …

2018-04-03: ∞ Lasting appeal of RSS
Still, the lasting appeal of RSS remains the parts that haven’t changed: the unfiltered view of the open web, and the chance to make your own decisions about what you find there. Wired It’s great to see a recent uptake in RSS popularity. In my opinion RSS is one of …

“Measure your success by the success of others.” Dave Winer Seems only natural to stumble upon a striking quote by Dave Winer browsing a (Dave more or less invented blogging and RSS syndication and has the longest continuously running blog on the Internet).

2018-04-02: ∞ Cloudflare launches
Cloudflare’s mission is to help build a better Internet. We’re excited today to take another step toward that mission with the launch of — the Internet’s fastest, privacy-first consumer DNS service. … for most Internet users, when they connect to …

2017-11-20: ∞ A List Apart's 20th anniversary view on the centralising of the internet in to only a handful of all-powerful networks
“In recent years, we’ve seen our rich universe of diverse, creative blogs and sites implode—leaving fewer and fewer channels available to new voices. As more content centralizes into a handful of all-powerful networks, there’s a dreary sameness in perspective and …