On turning off unnecessary notifications

  • turn off all lock screen notifications (this is better for privacy anyway)
  • turn off vibrate and sound notifications, I leave badges for important things like messaging apps
  • turn off notifications for apps that really don’t need it

Nathan Toups makes a case for a dumber phone with great recommendations overall.

One thing I would add from personal experience1 is to make very conscious use of the silence/mute switch on phone.

No sound/viberation 99% of the time, but if I need and enable sound I also have the super annoying keyboard sounds enabled by default (so I don’t forget to revert to silent ASAP).

Via Ben Brooks

  1. Personally I turned off sounds and vibration on my phone when I started wearing my Apple Watch. Now I’m back to wearing a classic watch as wrist based notifications over time became an unwanted distraction. [return]