82.3 Kb

Fiddled a bit more with optimization of the website. As the website is hosted by Micro.blog I a little limited on what is possible. But still the result is quite good:

  1. Scaled and compressed all images, resizing and reuploading isn’t the most inspiering to do, but still it counted for 90% of the bloat in size (and my website isn’t even very image heavy)
  2. Removed the Gravatar integration with a static favicon and header image. Gravatar isn’t privacy-friendly at all and the standard integration within Micro.blog is quite unneccesary. So win for privacy and reduced one request
  3. Stopped using the custom CSS function within Micro.blog and just added all to the the custom theme CSS, saving one request

Overall some minor changes which resulted in reducing my homepage from 3,3Mb to 82.3 Kb uncompressed1.

  1. click on the Waterfall tab to check the uncompressed size of the site [return]