Ever since Spotify launched in The Netherlands I have been a subscriber (even before the official launch… but let’s not tell Spotify). But now music discovery and keeping everything organized is getting harder by the day. These issues small and not real dealbreakers, but still…

My 60+ playlists (educated guess, didn’t want to count) are a hot mess of curated lists and my lists (with no way of keeping them separate). I have lists based on genre, new finds, based on band, albums, list where I store all-time favorites, ….. (sometimes even creatively combined). So if I want to find a specific artist/track and I don’t recall the name I have to start guessing in which playlist I may have saved the song. This wouldn’t be so bad if I would know which playlists are mine and which are curated by the service. Well I just have to open them all and start looking… wait… was “90s acoustic” my own or is it by Spotify??

The “Made for You” part has gradually starting to offer me more of the music I already listen to… just split in more different playlists.

What also doesn’t help is that the play and search history isn’t synced between apps and desktop. And don’t ask me why the homepage only shows “Recently Played” playlists but leaves out individual tracks?? Earlier today I couldn’t remember the name of a new artist I listened to the day before and wanted to check out. Spend half an hour to find the track I listened to (was well hidden in the search on the iOS app so showed no trace on desktop).

At the moment I do not have a solution for the issues above. And don’t get me wrong, I still enjoy the service, just getting my thoughts out there for future reference.