Roel Willems

Speaking at Sitespect Customer Forum 2016

At this years Sitespect Customer Forum I'm invited to share my vision and methodology on eliminating guesswork. Sitespect Customer Forum is a yearly -invite only- event for European Sitespect customers and I hope to provide some pointers on getting to a more robust and fact-based conversion optimisation process, but also I'm interested in the insights and findings of other Sitespect customers.... read more »

Speaking at InDigitalMarketing 5/6 October Warsaw

Happy to have been invited to speak at InDigitalMarketing 5 and 6 October, Warsaw Poland. As one of the "Eksperci" (already learned a little Polish!) I will talk about how to prevent pitfalls of an conversion optimisation process by deploying structure, following basic experiment design principles and a pragmatic approach to applying the scientific method. With speakers from around the world (a.o. UK, France, Germany) it will be quite an international event which I'm looking forward to. If you are attending 5 and/or 6 October feel free to get in touch! read more »

Emerce Conversion 2016 - Eliminating the guesswork

At Emerce Conversion 2016 I did a talk on "Eliminating the guess work". Working from an Ad hoc to a structured conversion optimisation process. guesswork *ˈɡesˌwərk/ noun * the process or results of guessing. synonyms: guessing, conjecture, surmise, >supposition, assumptions, presumptions, >speculation, hypothesizing, theorizing, >prediction; ... In this talk I described my vision, process and methodology used to achieve greater structural result from a optimisation program. My personal approach is based on 10+ years experience consulting for various organisations. Starting with the challenges organisation faces starting and running conversion projects, how to eliminate the guesswork - focus on continuity and structural outcome - by moving from Ad hoc... read more »


I revised an older post on mentorship by Seth Godin. And Seth - more often than not - really hits the nail on his head. Mentorship poses such great value and has great effect. In this post titled "on the hook" he explains the value created by the fact one feels an obligation to mentor. This comes at a time when I'm also evaluating how to become more effective and supportive of those around me. I'm intrigued by the statement "give more than you take". And although not the most sexy topics of all his publications, certainly a fine read and a great insight for someone... read more »

Work in progress

This is a temporary placeholder... read more »

Bye bye

This is a bye bye message to Facebook.. Massive testing on human emotions within huge and unethical social experiments, really? I'm not taking part any longer: "Permanently remove account", yes, please..... read more »