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I revised an older post on mentorship by Seth Godin. And Seth - more often than not - really hits the nail on his head. Mentorship poses such great value and has great effect. In this post titled "on the hook" he explains the value created by the fact one feels an obligation to mentor. This comes at a time when I'm also evaluating how to become more effective and supportive of those around me. I'm intrigued by the statement "give more than you take". And although not the most sexy topics of all his publications, certainly a fine read and a great insight for someone... read more »

Work in progress

This is a temporary placeholder... read more »

Bye bye

This is a bye bye message to Facebook.. Massive testing on human emotions within huge and unethical social experiments, really? I'm not taking part any longer: "Permanently remove account", yes, please..... read more »

Are social media websites trying to be different by all looking the same?

Did all major social media companies hire designers from the same class, or is there something in the water over at the bay area? The Unbearable Sameness Of Social Networks - read more »

The influence of touch on our brains and shopping behaviour

New research out of Boston College indicates that consumers feel a deeper affinity for products they touch on a screen than those selected using a laptop touchpad or a mouse. When consumers participating in the study reached out and touched an image on a touchscreen, the experience nearly rivaled their feelings of touching merchandise in a brick-and-mortar store, according to the measure of satisfaction used in the study. “It’s kind of surprising how strong the effect is,” said S.Adam Brasel, a Boston College business professor and lead author of the study. “And we’re not necessarily aware it’s taking place.” This is huge!... read more »

This is bad

Ben Brooks posted an article on one of the biggest security flaws I've ever encountered on modern software. Bad security practice, beyond words, period. Luckily the solution is easy. Open Chrome browser, go to "settings", "Show advance settings", remove the mark before "Offer to save passwords I enter on the web." (and purge the saved password list).. install 1Password and be done with it. Alternatively you could also delete Chrome altogether and pick a browser from a maker (any maker) who takes your security and personal data more seriously.... read more »