The Irony

Mark Zuckerberg left some of his notes on the table during a break in his testimony before Congress yesterday. It caught the attention of a press photographer who shared a photo of the document on social media.

I guess Mark learned an important lesson: never to leave your notes open and unattended in public. Keeping stuff to yourself should not be based solely on trusting others to act in your best interest.

To reuse and rephrase a quote by Mr. Zuckerberg himself; ‘I’ve “trust them.” Dumb f*ck’

There is, however, quite some talk on social media if it’s morally ok for the press to share the picture taken. A valid discussion even when it’s a hearing regarding a company under testimony for violating people’s privacy. We should treat others as you would want them to treat you1.

  1. I’m not linking to the photo as I think this information should have been kept private. The company in question doesn’t change this for me. [return]