Hello and welcome, first of a short introduction:

I’m Roel Willems, lead analytics, data science and experimentation for Albert Heijn Online (part of Ahold Delhaize).

I’m responsible for digital analytics related daily operations, data science and insights strategy and analytics methodology. My day ranges from managing a team of analyst and data scientist, deploying a data-driven marketing strategy, working on legal/compliance and data governance, provide optimization advice and supporting optimization of the online business with controlled experiments / split-testing / MVT efforts.

I build my experience as a consultant (10+ years).

My professional career allowed me to work with several large businesses, ranging from Dutch leaders as Ahold Delhaize, Telegraaf Media Groep, Vodafone, Independer, Postcode Loterij, Proteq verzekeringen, Greenpeace to Oxfam Novib.

I’ve also build experience at supporting employees and managing projects and methodology as and Product Manager analytics and experimentation for online consulting firm OrangeValley.
I was lucky to have the opportunity to help OrangeValley grow from 3 employees (including myself) to 50+ when I left six years later.

…My career:

My primary focus is finding ways to enable insights based on data and experimentation. This can be set up methodology on creating actionable insights from analytics data, provided guidance to data science efforts and teams and generating more revenue and positively increase the customer’s overall experience with specialist knowledge of analytics, online marketing and optimization in general.

…My specialties include:

Strong consulting and communication skills, experience with leading analytics and optimization teams completed with specialist knowledge of: Analytics, Compliancy (Dutch cookie legislation and European Privacy Regulations), Data science projects, Experimentation (controlled experiments as A/B and Multivariate testing but also field experiments and Lean Startup), usability, user experience, persuasion and online marketing in general.

…I’m experience with:

Complex organisations with a multitude of stakeholders and requirements and expectations on analytics, insights and data-projects (process as well as methodology), experimentation and optimisation from principle to practice (and again process), working for large businesses, focussing on results.

Due to my passion finding new ways to analyse user behaviour with research and development you could call me a ehm… somewhat nerdy cross-over between and consultant, manager and analist.

...This website:

I’m using my own space here as a poster wall of all I find interesting online. This could be about online business and internet economy but likely you will find random posts, quotes and link posts on all regarding technology, human behaviour and other topics which spark my interest.

…lastly you should know:

Although I'm not a developer I do know my way around Python / R / HTML / CSS / JavaScript / jQuery / PHP and know a thing or two on running web servers.
My technical skills allow me to find new ways of data collection and generating useful insights and let me talk code with any development team just as comfortable as publicly speaking at a conference or industry event to - for example - a group of marketeers. Feel free to take a look at my GitHub.

…Enough said

I also want to get to know you. Feel free to get in touch!

Want to read more on my professional career and experience? Check my LinkedIn profile.